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At I Love Portable Store

  • WE BELIEVE in Portable Items You're Gonna Carry Everywhere.   We hope you love the products we recommend!  We want you to upgrade your life with our portable items while camping, hiking, fishing, at the gym, BBQ's, at sporting events, boat rides, mountaineering, concerts, the beach, park or picnic, in your car, everywhere! 

  • I Love Portable Store is an online retail-based brand that delivers unparalleled innovative consumer products for the ever-so-dynamic market.  We SPECIALIZE in camping, hiking, fishing, gym, BBQ's, and sports PORTABLE products.

  • OUR OBECTIVE is to provide high-end PORTABLE products  that are affordable, therefore creating the highest value for your money.       


  • OUR TEAM is a family-owned brand with various expertise.  I have been self-employed in the insurance business for over 40 years and  understand sales, service, loss control, safety, product liability, and claims.   Daughter#2  has retail experience where she started in the ecommerce department over 20 years ago.  Daughter#1 deals with FDA compliance issues with an international company.  Son-in-law#1 is a quality control management expert.  Son-in-law#2 works for a leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.  Grandson#1 is a social media expert.  Grandson#2 and grandson#3 are both working with product reviews, inspections, and suppliers.  Our Team is experienced and dedicated to providing the utmost value of quality products and exceptional services to our customers.


  • How we came up with our brand idea began with my wife as she is a  huge fan of purchasing on Amazon.   Unfortunately, and far to often, packing was not secure , holding case was defected, hand washed and dried and by the end of the weekend everything was full of rust.   Not the best quality. The zipper was broken when I opened it and feels flimsy.  Just opened it up and plan to use it this weekend but don’t expect this to last more than a few trips since it’s already breaking.  Does this picture look familiar?  What makes us different is our family cares about you and your family.  Life is too short.  We want to make your life easy.


  •  Thanks for visiting our brand and family.  We hope you too will say “I Love Portable Store”.  Please share with your friends and family and come back again...  





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