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Camping Cooking Utensils

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  • NO MORE MESSY BBQs: utensils have clips rest on rim of pan keep drips in to prevent mess in cooking space; noodle ladle with teeth serve soup with noodles; multiuse can opener to open can and bottle

  • NO MORE WORRY ABOUT SCRATCHING NONSTICK PANS: camping tongs have silicone tips prevent from scratching nonstick pots and pans; push-lock system for easy storage;  scalloped edged head firm food grip

  • SAFE and SECURE: knives and scissors come with a sheath for safety; scissors have a rivet on both sides to prevent them from falling apart; multiuse fish-scale removal bottle opener and nutcracker

  • ODOR-FREE-CLEAN KITCHEN CAMPING BAG: grab and go compact design not only for camping also for tailgating road trips BBQ party indoor and outdoor daily cooking office break room tiny home travel kitchen

  • UNIQUELY CONVENIENT STURDY and SAFE: utensil clips prevent messy cooking space; sturdy scissors have stable rivet on both sides to prevent from falling apart; safe tongs have non-scratch silicone tips

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